The levels are based on knowledge and experience relevant for the respective workshop. The Workshop Office will be happy to assist you if you are unsure about this. In some workshop descriptions you will find notes about who it is especially addressed to.

O (Open Level)
Open Level workshops are open to everyone – beginners dance side by side with professionals.

Beg (Beginners Level)
This level is for beginners. No previous knowledge in the respective field of the workshop or dance style is required.

Int (Intermediate Level)
Intermediate Level workshops are for dancers with some prior knowledge in at least one of the dance styles or the respective field of the workshop.

Adv (Advanced Level)
This level is for participants with profound knowledge and experience in the respective field of the workshop and dance style.

Adv+ (Advanced Plus Level)
Advanced Plus applies to workshops from the Repertory department or workshops that are considered challenging. These require excellent knowledge and experience as an active professional dancer/performer.