Terence Lewis (IN)
Inside out & Bollywood – Fantastic Fun meets Creative Process

© Emilia Milewska

Open Level
14–21 May 2024
Artis Umbria, Italy

Bollywood Dance is the essence of Indian Bollywood films that has retained the flavour of musicals. Constantly influenced by the changing trends, Bollywood Dance culture borrows from both traditional and western pop dance culture. It deals with the complexities of the traditional Kathak footwork and Mudras (hand gestures) along with some groovy folkdance moves from across the countryside. Exploring the wonderful world of Abhinaya (a facial expression; some may call it face contortions) and the world of Mujra, the controversial sensual dance of the tragic courtesan of the 1970s, then master the cool routines of the current chart busters. The music is loud and so are we. As a dress code, anything colourful, glistening and happy is permitted.

Inside Out is a technique developed by Terence Lewis for the participants to create their original dances by exploring the inner hidden landscapes of their subconscious and conscious minds. The process involves practices like meditation and breathwork, decoding individual patterns, tarot readings, spirit animal identification, and using spontaneous dance combustion to unleash your artistic potential! Guided by Terence, dancers are led through these exercises and processes to delve deeper into their psyche and use the generated material to create a deeply honest dance vocabulary, which will culminate in an informal sharing of the artistic process at the end of the retreat.

Terence Lewis