Sophia Rodríguez
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Field Project
Week 2, 22.7.–26.7.2024
only bookable at the Workshop Office

This research project is now full. It is no longer possible to apply for this research project. It has reached its maximum number of participants.

Sophia invites you to work on a solo performance: To bounce our clichés and our inner fire, building and deconstructing falsehood and truthfulness in a relationship with our self. Through exercises of body, voice, mind and language, we will prepare ourselves to bare our feelings and thoughts, this will be the ‘raw mass’, the clay we will use to create the basis for the development of an aesthetic statement.

During the Field Project, every day we build something individually from our voice / body / actions and show it. We exercise ourselves in opening up fantasies and frustrations, inaction, in poetic actions that bring out our waste / fullness / failure / struggle / flame / death / expression, playing with the superficial and the deep, with the subjective and the objective, the falsehood and the truthfulness, in relation to our self.

Reflecting by doing, we are opening our horizons between different fields of art, letting ourselves be dragged by poetry and metaphors. Everything that comes to us in the research process is part of us and at the same time when it is placed somewhere and with a concrete form, it is already something new and something we can take distance from, observe, treat, compose and decompose, creating a space between the personal meaning and the value that this action in itself can have for the environment, the public, a. o.

How do we defend what we do? How do we give value to emotions or hardness that come from a very deep or hidden space in our body? What can we discover from communicating with a group and how do we change our perception of reality as well as our perception of art by shaping our thoughts and feelings in a group?

These things will be discussed and reflected on together while we develop a solo performance.

Sophia Rodríguez
© Irene Occhiato
© Irene Occhiato
© Sophia Rodríguez
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