Michael Helland & Daniel Linehan
Tending and Tuning

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Field Project
Week 2, 17.7.–21.7.2023
10:00–16:00 / +Doz

Tending: taking care of our own bodies and others. Tuning: finding diverse kinds of commonness with others and noticing the vibrancy of the places we inhabit. Can we reach a state in which “dancing” and “giving attention” mean the same thing?

For Tending and Tuning, Linehan and Helland draw upon more than 15 years of shared performance experience, reflecting and elaborating upon diverse dance scores and physical practices. Favourite pre-performance rituals become a playground for cultivating both subtle and robust forms of attention and engagement with ourselves and our surroundings, as we connect with our immediate environment to inspire new ways of moving and being. From theatre to gallery and beyond, we explore performance as a hybrid medium to discover the edges of bodily consciousness, shared physical presence, and sense of place – this place where we are right here and right now. We return to the fundamentals of the body in motion: breath, circularity, vibration, and touch.  With an eye on longevity and vitality, we work to embody radical resiliency through creative caretaking and otherworldly movement-based adventures.

In this field project we work together to form an ecology of co-created rituals, performing site-sensitive interventions as offerings for the surrounding urban and natural landscapes.  Inspired by aspects of vital materialism and guided by principles of active listening, we hold space for collective enchantment and conscious living.  Suitable for established and aspiring dance professionals and amateurs alike, let’s tune in and turn up!

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