Research 2017

Research 2017

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Daybee Dorzile aka Daybee Dee & Nina Kripas

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Field Project
DA 2


A – Authenticity, Awareness
W – Womb: giving birth to ideas, creation/creativity
A – Alignment: centring, focus, control
R – Rhythm, Research.
E – Emotion
N – Nurturing: feed our mind & soul
E – Exploration, Ethnicity
S – Sensuality, Spirituality, Soul, Strength
S – Synchronicity, Flow

Vulnerability / Vibration / Variation / Velocity / Versatility / Vivacity / Virtuality / Vivre (to live)

Daybee Dorzile and Nina Kripas have totally different cultural roots, still they have a harmonious, synchronised awareness in their movement language in common. In their Research Project V-A.W.A.R.E.N.E.S.S. they collaborate to explore the importance of the V-section as they call it (sacral chakra, pelvis and hips). Both teachers have different experience to bring to the table and they are fascinated by the power of the V-section in movement and dance.
"Through our experience in different dance styles such as HipHop, House Dance, Caribbean Dances, Samba, Salsa, Contemporary Dance, Ballet, Waacking, Voguing, Bboying and freestyle of all kinds, we are aware of the physical and spiritual energy as well as the feminine and masculine energy of the V-section and often use it as a trigger of creation for our movement language. Through different, repetitive and rhythmical exercises we will explore the V-awareness and will work on releasing blocks to find more freedom and power in our dance language and encourage others to find their strength through it as well.

Our Field Project will be in the frame of the urban and social dance world, led by tribal rhythms and soulful music and we want to encourage the participants to share their different dance backgrounds with us and come in with an open, playful mind-set and be ready to get to the roots of their own authenticity as dancers."

What does Dance do to people’s spirituality?
What does Dance and Femininity evoke in you?
What does dance do to your soul (sub-consciousness)?
How does spirituality and creativity inspire our dance?
How does spirituality find a gateway in social dances or in the Urban dance world?
How can we find the balance between being an aware dancer and a dancer who just lets go and flows?
Conscious dancing versus conscious living.

Key words that refer to the dance sensation of this workshop:
Vibration, creation, exploration, impression, expression, female and male energy, passion, commitment, self-confidence, empowerment, action and reaction, focus, alignment, freedom, flow etc.

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