Claudia Bosse
haunted landscape/s – about inner and outer landscapes

© Claudia Bosse
Field Project
Week 4, 5.8.–9.8.2024
Seestadt Studios
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the landscape
is both evading and present at the same time
is an assemblage of factors that create it
is a superposition of times
the landscape
is many landscapes they were before
and they will become
it’s an archive of climate and circumstance and imprints of beings
the landscape is never the same

This field research will work indoors and outdoors on relations and experiments on landscape/s, inner landscape/s and performative landscapes, engaging with deep time, immersive spatial relations, physical articulations, bodily organisms and voice. We take a seat in the cracks of the earth and reflect on different understandings, (cultural) history and approaches to landscape/s.

Claudia Bosse
© Robert Maybach
© Claudia Bosse
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