Jule Flierl & Antonia Baehr
The Ambition of Failing

© Derin Cankaya
Field Project
Week 4, 5.8.–9.8.2024
10:00–16:00 / +Doz
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The Field Project by Antonia Baehr and Jule Flierl is centred on questions of ‘ingenious dilettantism’: on ability, inability, on trial and error. Which working methods result from the ambition of failure, which norms are thus cancelled out and how can this be a pleasurable, comical celebration? Idiocy. Punk. Reverence.

Using art historical examples, the group explores and responds to examples by Robert Filliou, Gabriele Stötzer, Die Tödliche Doris and Florence Foster Jenkins, among others.

It is about self-empowerment against learnt standards of professionalism in terms of performance, movement, face and voice.

Jule FlierlAntonia Baehr
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