Research 2023

Research 2023

Olivier Dubois
What the night brings to the day... an immediate re-enactment!

© Julien Benhamou
Field Project
Week 3, 24.7.–28.7.2023

20 artists, 5 performances to attend together, 5 nights of re-enactment

This immediate re-enactment process is a game, a challenge and a dare to take a position actively. Right after the show that we attend together, we jump to the studio and re-create a segment of the piece we saw. This gives us the possibility of performing differently, to deconstruct norms, to play with them, to thwart them, to transform them, to resist them, to re-signify them and to re-elaborate them.

The purpose of this Field Project can be described by a series of questions. After attending a performance we will ask:

  • What is left of the performance? Which emotions, sensations, reflections am I carrying out of this performance?
  • What could have been done in another way? A better way ?
  • Instead of changing everything, could I taint the performance in a way that could fit my personal concerns through society, and personal/artistic engagement ?
  • Which part of my performer fantasies are leading my critical point of view?
  • Am I legitimate to dare to re-write, to re-enact?

Few words about re-enactment :
To apprehend the re-enactment according to a dialectic of immersion and distancing:
the first one based on a search for authenticity and processes of identification, the second one on pretending. The value of authenticity is central to re-enactments. It refers to the ability to become absorbed in the game. The goal is to reach a state of complete immersion – “to really believe in it”. This value of authenticity must be countered by a “we do it for fake” attitude, as kids can do! This “we do it for fake” produces lures that allow for immersion in fictional universes, to adopt the mental attitude of “as if”. This mental state allows us to put the referent (the performance we attended) at a distance, even when the re-enactment takes place on the site of the “original” event and when affective links bind it to the protagonists.

This research project is now full. It is no longer possible to apply for this research project. It has reached its maximum number of participants.

Olivier Dubois
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