Research 2023

Research 2023

Keith Hennessy & Ishmael Houston-Jones
Sometimes we fight, but there is always love

© Robbie Sweeny
Field Project
Week 3, 24.7.–28.7.2023
10:00–16:00 / +Doz

The field project will attempt to generate a precarious and curious space between engagement and refuge, being present with queerness, the ongoing impact of political-health-ecological crises, and the importance of shared dance and inquiry. We will hang out in playful and non-productive spaces, being in a contagious relationship to past and future, ghosts and desire. We will approach queer and decolonial futurities through practices of opening to the unknown. We seek a soft experience where political crises and dancing bodies can be woven into a single conversation. Where bodies are energies, always entangled within the ecologies from which they emerge. There will be time for performance making, showing, and discussing.

This research project is now full.
It is no longer possible to apply for this research project. It has reached its maximum number of participants.

Keith HennessyIshmael Houston-Jones
© Keith Hennessy & Ishmael Houston-Jones
© Ian Douglas
© Robbie Sweeny