© Derin Cankaya, Artwork: Laura Burns

Antonia Baehr & Jule Flierl
R is for Reading and Rooster and Roses

© Derin Cankaya, Artwork: Laura Burns
Field Project
Week 4, 1.8.–5.8.
10:00–16:00 / +Teacher

This practice-oriented research project is about experimental voice work in relation to maps and scores. We will read objects, write signs and read out loud non-verbally. We will work with and on voicing; as well as writing for each other, performing, and exchanging scores. A central field of experimentation is the imitation of found audio materials: how do we imitate? What do gender and species non-conforming voices sound like? Conversations around authorship will run through the Field Project. Jule Flierl and Antonia Baehr are currently working on the piece "Die Hörposaune" with these questions. They will open their practice to the participants who will develop their own material.

Antonia BaehrJule Flierl
© Derin Cankaya, Artwork: Laura Burns
© Derin Cankaya, Artwork: Laura Burns
© Derin Cankaya
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