Melanie Maar
Sense Appeal - Together in public nature

Public Moves
© Melanie Maar
Wien: U-Bahn-Station Seestadt
Wien: Schwarzenbergplatz

In her work Melanie relates performance awareness and psycho-sensual experiencing to explore our own, unique ways of intimacy. In this public class of meditative movements and simple exercises for the senses, we go for feeling ourselves, sensing other people and feeling the other in and around us in open air – where a breeze, a sound, a look can turn on our mind, senses and expressions. We do this in stillness and in motion, connecting to our private and public selves with an audience of trees and onlookers. This class is designed like a galaxy guide for cruising inner and outer realities.

It's recommended to bring a shirt with long sleeves and long trousers.

Melanie Maar
© Chris Waikiki
© Chris Waikiki