Public Moves 2022

Public Moves 2022

Kerstin Kussmaul
Die Freiheit der Schultern

Public Moves
© Emilia Milewska
Maria-von-Zeitoun, Koptische Kirche
Papstwiese, Donaupark next to the Danube Tower

A Public Moves Special – self-regulation for overworked muscles and fascia.

In movement we release the neck, and in touch we take the burden of everyday life off our shoulders with the trained and tested grips of myoreflex therapy and enjoy the newly gained freedom of movement. Graduates of the Embodied Myoreflex Practitioner course run by ImPulsTanz in cooperation with the Centre for Interdisciplinary Therapies in Constance will be on hand to help

Kerstin Kussmaul

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