Samuel Feldhandler
Aural Etudes

Public Moves
© Mahour Arbabian
Wien: U-Bahn-Station Seestadt
Wien: MuseumsQuartier
Reservation start 25.7., 11:00
Wien: Schwarzenbergplatz
Reservation start 5.8., 11:00

Aural Etudes takes place in the action of listening to music and copying what we hear as dance. The gesture of copying, which can be understood through its etymology as to be with resources, to abound, to be [with] many, in relation, not alone, is helpful here as a tool to learn from another without understanding nor comprehending this other. The class will be a playful journey of dancing together through improvised explorations embodying various music genres, some movement exercises inspired by musical scales, basic ballet warmup and, maybe, here and there, a few dance phrases from Samuel’s choreographic repertoire.

Samuel Feldhandler
© Mahour Arbabian
© Lena Schattenberg
© Franzi Kreis