© Nagl & Wintersberger
© Nagl & Wintersberger
© Nagl & Wintersberger
© Nagl & Wintersberger

Release Technique

The focus of this class is on the search for a free and mobile body in organic movement. Based on Release technique we will engage in our weight, grounding, ease and flow. The logic of our bones and joints will facilitate playfulness and the efficient use of gravity, momentum and support of the floor.
Please bring a blanket or mat!

Andrea also teaches Release Ballet

ARTISTBIO: Andrea Nagl

Andrea Nagl, born 1975 in Vienna, works as a freelance dancer, dance teacher and choreographer, as well as a cranio sacral practitioner. In her artistic work she has collaborated with numerous compagnies such as Editta Braun, Elio Gervasi, Tanz*Hotel/Bert Gstettner, Compagnie Smafu/Elisabeth Orlowsky. Since 2006/07 she has been collaborating with the media artist Markus Wintersberger on intermedia dance performances, interventions in public space and digital choreography. In parallel, Andrea is engaged in site-specific instant composition and improvisation and is interested in collaborating with artists from other fields such as visual arts, music, etc. Furthermore, she is engaged in choreographic research of music-compositional principles and works intensively with the composer Karlheinz Essl.

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