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Move your ***! – All Abilities

For virtuosic dancers and everyone who thinks that they aren’t (but love to dance), for people with and without disabilities, for wheelchair users with and without batteries, for young and old. There is live music!

ARTISTBIO: Frans Poelstra

Frans Poelstra graduated at the Theaterschool (SNDO) in Amsterdam. In 2003 he started to work with performer/writer Robert Steijn. They presented their work in theatres, galleries and festivals in Europe and the USA and in Austria in TQW, brut, steirischer herbst, etc. Since 2004 he lives in Vienna and besides his work with Robert Steijn he collaborates with local artists, Andrea Maurer, Simon Mayer, Christine Gaigg, Navaridas & Deutinger, MAD dance company and the youth theatre company schallundrauch agency. He is also making solo performances, which are often based on autobiographical material in which he mixes dance, (live) music, video and text in a way which makes people think: "Do I dream, is this really possible or at least acceptable?". His last production "FIVE" had its premiere in brut in December 2016.
He has been giving workshops at different institutions in Europe (SNDO-Amsterdam, Tanzquartier Wien, SEAD-Salzburg, CNDC-Angers, Tanzfabrik-Berlin, Theatre Academy Helsinki, etc.).

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ARTISTBIO: Vera Rosner

Vera Rosner (formerly Rebl) was born in Vienna, is DanceAbility trainer, choreographer, dancer and quality manager, living in Vienna. Since several years she leads weekly an open workshop group and since 2011 an advanced training group and teaches different workshop formats internationally (among others in Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck, Bremen, Porto, Helsinki, Munich and Bologna). Between 2005 and 2009 she was a dancer with the company Danse Brute. In 2008 she founded the company A.D.A.M., creating the performances "6 tanzen", "Auf freiem Fuß", "dancing with paints" (a collaboration with L.A.C.E. Theatre, Los Angeles), "(Ruderal-) Flora" and "Fuss-Noten". Lately she performed in Jerôme Bel's "Gala" as well as in Doris Uhlich’s "Habitat" at the Donaufestival in Krems.

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