Healing Circle

Inspired by Anna Halprin’s Earth Run we’re walking in circles – the goal is the beginning, the beginning is the goal. We show ourselves in gestures and movements, everyone is seen, everyone is heard, everyone can participate. The evolution is in repetition. We walk for our healing, the healing of the world, the healing of fear, for freedom and for personal concerns. And everyone is welcome to join in.

ARTISTBIO: Dieter Rehberg

Bac. Dieter Rehberg, RSMT, is Performer, Psychological Counselor (LSB), Somatic Movement Therapist (ISMETA) and Somatic Dance Educator. He developed his method integrating different dance, bodywork and counselling techniques from his professional work as somatic therapist and performance artist and combined it with his insights into buddhist theory and practice. He is the director of The somatic Training and host of the WienJam. Since 20 years he works at the Institut für Physio-Mentale Entwicklung in Vienna and teaches nationally and internationally. His main concern in his workshops and seminars is a clear and coherent communication of the content in a mindful atmosphere and to never leave any questions open.

Feedback: "Dieter Rehberg is absolutely excellent and very unique as a teacher. With his broad horizon, highly professional attitude, warm humour and large experience, he offers what is really very rare to find."

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