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Contemporary Dance

We will begin the class with a cardio warm-up to get the blood flowing, followed by several movement sequences, bringing awareness to our alignment, posture and developing our coordination. After learning a short choreography with a focus on curves and spirals, we will playfully improvise.

ARTISTBIO: Hannah Timbrell

Hannah is a freelance dancer from Adelaide, Australia and is currently based in Vienna.  She has performed nationally and internationally including at the Donaufestival and Musée d’Art Moderne Paris. From 2012 to 2019 Hannah worked with Tanz Company Gervasi. In 2017 she developed and toured a solo titled Enklave directed by Elio Gervasi. She has taught and assisted in a number of Tanz Company Gervasi workshops in Vienna and Italy. Since 2017 Hannah has been creating and performing with the Chris Haring/Liquid Loft Collective in Foreign Tongues, Models of Reality, and Stand Alones (Polyphony). Hannah has been involved in a number of other projects including short movement films, outdoor productions and dance theatre works including This is What Happened in the Telephone Booth, choreographed by Leonie Wahl and directed by Ernst Kurt Weigel. 

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