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Contemporary Dance

This class focuses on breathing, circular movements and repetition. The exercises have been collected and developed for the purpose of preparing the body for a rehearsal day – the intensity can be individually adapted according to the daily state of the body and the environment. We will sweat!

ARTISTBIO: Alexander Gottfarb

studied dance at the Stockholm Ballet Academy, graduating in 2003. He then moved to Austria to work with the youth company x.ida under the artistic director Esther Linley. As a dancer he worked with choreographers like Elio Gervasi, Iztok Kovac and Chris Haring/liquid loft. He is a founding member of The Loose Collective. The collectives’ as well as his own works has been presented in venues across Austria and Europe.

Alexander Gottfarbs creations as choreographer include "Marvel at the World" (imagetanz 2009) "Political Movements" (imagetanz 2010), "Moved by Faith" (Tanzquartier 2011) "The 5-hour marching installation Left Right Left" (CPA 2012, ImPulsTanz), "On Celebration and Lamentation" (Tanzquartier 2013), "Chivalry is Dead" with Alex Deutinger (WUK 2014), "On Traces" with Anna Nowak (Tanzquartier 2015) "A Matter of Belief" (WUK 2015). With The Loose Collective he has since 2010 been creating pieces such as: "Here Comes The Crook", "The Old Testament According to The Loose Collective", "The Game Game The Music of Sound".

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