What is good taste anyway

The workshop is an expanded social practice where festivities meet contemplation, politics, art and friendship. It consists of physical training, party songs, patience games, performative drafts and poetry. The concept and exercises are formed through an interest in the presence of the emotional body in the act of dancing and performing.

ARTISTBIO: Lau Lukkarila

Lau is a choreographer and performer born in Oulu, Finland, currently based in Vienna. They studied theatre and contemporary dance in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (Helsinki) and the Royal School of Performing Arts (Madrid). In 2018 they received the Austrian Federal Chancellor’s Office’s START scholarship for music and performing arts as well as the danceWEB Scholarship at ImPulsTanz Festival. In 2019 Lau performed the solo work Trouble at Rakete Festival in Tanzquartier Wien and in 2020 the solo NYXXX at imagetanz with brut Wien. In 2020-2022 Lau is part of the Freischwimmen international production platform for performance and theatre.

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