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Let’s Get Loud

Yosi, the artistic director of toxic dreams, shows you how to speak in the public arena, how to pick the right text, the right voice and the most effective level of projection. Let’s get loud and exercise our freedom of speech by voicing what is dear to us out in the open!

ARTISTBIO: Yosi Wanunu

Yosi Wanunu studied art history, theatre and film in Israel, Europe and the US. Before moving to Vienna in 1997 he lived and worked in NYC, and presented work at the BCBC, the Ohio Theatre, La Mama ETC, Here and at the Ontological-Hysteric Theatre of Richard Foreman, a.o. He is co-founder and artistic director of the label ‘toxic dreams’, and created more than 50 original performances with the collective since 1998. Currently he is writing and directing a sitcom, filmed in front of live audience, titled: The Bruno Kreisky Lookalike. Additionally he works with other independent performers and collectives in Europe.

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