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Movement Practice & Imaginary Partner Work

Based on his multi-faceted experiences as a performer, movement researcher and somatic collaborator, Georg invites you to flow through a series of movement practices and improvised physical actions. dance floor, grass, earth, inbetween space – what can be touched inspires the quality of physical articulation. The plastic experience of the body and its surroundings facilitates duets with imaginary partners.
Please bring additional clothing, we will use it!

ARTISTBIO: Georg Blaschke

Georg Blaschke works as a freelance choreographer, producer, dancer and pedagogue in Austria and abroad. His activities as dance lecturer in the fields of contemporary dance technique, movement research, improvisation and choreography have been taking place in the frame of internationally renowned festivals, universities and training workshops. He has presented his own choreographic works as freelance producer successfully in various formats of collaborations.
The current choreographic research interrelates his specific language with phenomenological considerations about sculpture, space and organic landscapes, starting from the body in motion. Recent multi-part works with titles "The Bosch Experience" (2014-2016), "Fluid Theatre" (2016) and "Dein Auge auf meiner Haut" (2017, 2018) are strongly influenced by motives and methods from visual art work. Very closely he regularly collaborates with musicians, composers, visual artists and designers.

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