Mátyás Kántor & Romy Kolb
Move to House

Public Moves
© Katrin Blantar
Wien: U-Bahn-Station Seestadt
Wien: Schwarzenbergplatz
Wien: Richard-Wagner-Platz
Reservation start 8.8., 11:00

This class will focus on the fine line between the underground club dance form called House Dance and different ways of open movement exploration. The beauty of the House Dance experience is that it can be collective as well as individual. We will express our emotions, work with what we have and translate it into grooves that makes us want to move on the ‘4 to the floor’ rhythms. We will coordinate our bodies through a guided freestyle journey where we find connection between each other and/or ourselves. Let the music be our guidance.

Mátyás KántorRomy Kolb
© Katrin Blantar
© Amina Ben Hassen
© Karin Cheng
© Peter Auxner
© Karin Cheng