j. bouey
Waacking and Punking

Public Moves
© Laura Gambucci
Wien: Papstwiese beim Donauturm
Reservation start 4.8., 11:00
Wien: MuseumsQuartier
Reservation start 7.8., 11:00

Originating from the Los Angeles disco club scenes of the 1970s, Waacking and Punking are expressive dance styles that exude dynamic musicality and tons of drama. This class invites everybody with a body to explore the history, techniques, and artistry of these iconic dance genres. Waacking involves striking movements and poses, emphasising self-expression and theatrical flair, while Punking showcases drama and captivating storytelling. Join us to uncover the origins and unique styles of Waacking and Punking, as we groove to funky beats, unleash our inner divas, and revel in the freedom of self-expression through movement. Let's come together in a supportive and inclusive environment to celebrate creativity, diversity, and the sheer joy of dance in the world of Waacking and Punking!

J. Bouey
© Rachel Keane
© Rachel Keane