Performances 1991

Performances 1991

Cie. Wim Vandekeybus (BE)
Immer Dasselbe Gelogen

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Immer Dasselbe Gelogen

The elements of Wim Vandekeybus’ dance are: force, energy, elan and swiftness reduced by elements of wit and coincidence. The sense of danger is present everywhere. Most exact timing, strictest discipline, precision in movement and use of force form the basis. Wim Vandekeybus is 28 years old. Before he finally took to dancing as an art form, he worked as an actor with Jan Fabre. His fascination with the movability of the body in its “naïve”, that is spontaneous, unreflected form and ability to react, was the driving force for his first production “What The Body Does Not Remember” that was awarded the Bessie, the “Oscar” for dance. Vandekeybus was awarded a second Bessie for “Les Porteuses des Mauvaises Nouvelles”, a performance that opened the “Im Puls – Tanz in Wien ‘89” festival at the Odeon and was a great success.
The music for “Immer Dasselbe Gelogen” was composed by the Maximalist! Composer Peter Vermeersch who together with Thierry de Mey wrote the music for “Rosas danst Rosas”. This collaboration resulted in the foundation of the group “Maximalist!”. In 1988 Vermeersch founded the “speedmetaljazz” group X-Legged Sally which is Jazz improvisations and the sweat of rock’n’roll band – Flanders is not New York but one can feel the musical proximity to Zorn or Frisell.

“The ‘Warzagerin’ still lies her same lies, the ‘egg’ is still stronger on its long side, and the old man doubts whether he will have this ashes thrown in the Nordsee or the Ostsee – which way would be the most expensive? – and he fears a little that someone will drink his money, and that he – his ashes – will arrive in the garbage. Sometimes they tell things about me but I cannot believe them. We will see, said the blind man and he walked in a shit.” Wim Vandekeybus



Aug 03, 1991, 21:00
Aug 04, 1991, 21:00
Aug 06, 1991, 21:00
Aug 07, 1991, 21:00