Performances 2012

Performances 2012

Gschwandner, der große Saal © Carl Anders Nilsson

Programme III

Gschwandner, der große Saal © Carl Anders Nilsson

"Programme III"

- Special formats, surprises and "Perfektion" -

An extraordinary rendezvous between the Old Viennese ballroom tradition and contemporary diversity. In the former “Grand Etablissement Gschwandner”, one of Vienna’s largest and most popular wine taverns until the pre-war period, more than 25 choreographers living and working in Austria present the “state of the art” on the Austrian contemporary dance and performance scene: world premières, special formats and specially developed adaptations of their current works are on the agenda. And not only that: naturally, “perfection” is part of dance, as Helmut Qualtinger once sang. So every night from 9 to 11pm we invite you to join us in an “audience choreography”.

They are running respectively taking place between 3 p.m. and 9 p.m.
Oleg Soulimenko | Fanni Futterknecht | nadaproductions | Agata Maszkiewicz | Luke Baio & Dominik Grünbühel | Philipp Gehmacher | Lisa Hinterreithner | Elisabeth Tambwe | Michikazu Matsune | Anna Mendelssohn & Burkhard Stangl

16.00 | Magdalena Chowaniec
16.30 | Zak Ra
17.00 | Georg Blaschke & Liz King
17.30 | Zak Ra
18.00 | Agatha Maszkiewicz
19.00 | Florentina Holzinger
19.30 | Zak Ra
20.00 | Dieter Rehberg
20.24 | Doris Uhlich
20.30 | Oleg Soulimenko & Vetscheslav Seniugov

21.00 | Oleg Soulimenko
22.00 | Lieve De Pourcq

The ÖSTERREICH PAVILLON opens its doors from 3 p.m. - 11 p.m.

Mehr zum ÖSTERREICH PAVILLON auf der Website der Choreographic Platform Austria:

29.7.2012, 15:00
Grand Etablissement Gschwandner


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