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© Meinrad Hofer

A collaboration with Francisco Carolinum, Zirkus des Wissens and Boston Dynamics Spot of the Institute of Robotics at the Johannes Kepler University Linz and SILK KLISCOPE. With the kind support of the Johanniter Wien

Is technology “a bitch”? Or, more generally, a dog? Contemporary dancer Silke “Silk” Grabinger spends three times 150 minutes in an installation with the (in)famous robot dog model “Spot” from Boston Dynamics. The central question of this confrontation between human and machine is: Who is taming whom? The artistic “prequel” to SPOTSHOTBEUYS has become a classic: fifty years ago exactly, actionist artist Joseph Beuys flew to New York, drove in an ambulance from the airport to René Block Gallery and spent three days and three nights there in a cage together with a coyote. Grabinger responds to this performance, entitled I Like America, and America Likes Me with a highly topical reimagining in which technology demonstrates its superiority as a second nature.

5.8.2024, 18:00: 120 Min, Durational performance*
5.8.2024, 21:30: 60 Min
6.8.2024, 18:30: 150 Min, Durational performance*
*The room can be left and re-entered during the entire performance.
Tickets can be purchased on site at Künstlerhaus Factory one hour before the performance begins and up to 30 minutes after it starts.
Price: 24 Euro
Reduced: 20 Euro

This performance contains theatrical fog, strobe lightning effects and loud music.
This performance contains nudity. Recommended from the age of 18.
5.8.2024, 18:00
Künstlerhaus Factory
5.8.2024, 21:30
Künstlerhaus Factory
6.8.2024, 18:30
Künstlerhaus Factory
© Meinrad Hofer
© Meinrad Hofer
© Meinrad Hofer
© Meinrad Hofer


Concept, choreography and performance: Silke Grabinger
Rehearsal direction: Gergely Dudás-Simó
Dramaturgy: Ludwig Felhofer and Silke Grabinger
Costume design: Bianca Fladerer
Lighting design: Max Windisch-Spoerk
Handling Spot: Eva Fischer and Alfred Weidinger
Outside Eye: Michael Stolhofer and Michael Eickhoff
Production management: Gergely Dudás-Simó and Bettina Bakos
Production team: Marie Scholze and Astrid Dober
Video: Karol Kensy
Photography: Meinrad Hofer

This performance was developed as part of the Artist-in-Residence programme at Bildraum Studio/Bildrecht. A production by SILK Cie. & SILK Fluegge KLISCOPE, supported by the City of Linz, Kulturland Oberösterreich and BMKOES.

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