Performances 2023

Performances 2023

Olivia Axel Scheucher / Nick Romeo Reimann (AT & AT/DE)

© Julian Lee Harather

“What is at the core of sex?” Infinite possibilities or an eternal void? In order to find answers and ultimately a way out of this cycle of bodily commodification and the prison-house of gender, Vienna-based director Olivia Axel Scheucher and Volkstheater ensemble member Nick Romeo Reimann take the plunge into the flood of images. Via the compositional technique of the musical fugue and with the help of performance artist Luca Bonamore and Berlinale winner Thea Ehre, they dig for sexual autonomy and genuine pleasure in the humorous and blunt FUGUE FOUR : RESPONSE.

Duration: 60 Min

In English with German subtitles.
This performance contains nudity and explicit content. Recommended from the age of 16.
It is possible to purchase a [8:tension] subscription for three, six or all performances of the Young Choreographers’ Series. You can find more detailed information, prices and discounts in our Service section.
4.8.2023, 21:00
sold out
5.8.2023, 21:00
sold out
6.8.2023, 23:00
sold out
© Nikolaus Ostermann
© Nikolaus Ostermann
© Nikolaus Ostermann
© Nikolaus Ostermann
© Nikolaus Osterma


Directed by: Olivia Axel Scheucher, Nick Romeo Reimann 
Performers: Luca Bonamore, Thea Ehre, Nick Romeo Reimann, Olivia Axel Scheucher
Speaking person: Aila Ben Franken
German-English translator: Damla Ilhan
Video: Zoe Schmidt
AR Filter: Andreas Palfinger
Costumes: Felix Schmidt, Alissa Herbig   
Stage: Nick Romeo Reimann, Olivia Axel Scheucher   
Music: Nick Romeo Reimann  
AR Animation: Andreas Palfinger
Outside Eye: Matthias Seier  
Production management: Lisa Anetsmann