Performances 2023

Performances 2023

Luiz de Abreu & Calixto Neto / VOA (FR/BR)
O Samba do Crioulo Doido

© Marc Domage

The odd humour in this solo is a means of criticism; and the self-exposure reveals an underlying racism: a “Samba of the Crazy Creole” wants to settle the score with the position that Brazil’s Black population find themselves pushed into. In 2004, choreographer and dancer Luiz de Abreu, who was born in Minas Gerais, developed this piece for himself. It has been danced by his colleague Calixto Neto since 2020. So now he is the one to make fun of the exotic and erotic identity imposed on them with highly comical and pleasurably provocative gestures while naked. His backside vibrates, his abdominal muscles go crazy, and he amazes with cheeky penis games. All this with a focus on the burning issues of decolonisation, the legacy of slavery and the injustice of current power relations. The moving and instructive behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of this work is shown to accompany the performance: an intensive exchange between two magnificent artists of different generations, addressing questions of transference and transmission in an intimate and forthright manner. 

Austrian Premiere

Duration: 55 Min

In Portuguese.
This performance contains nudity.
15.7.2023, 23:00
© Marc Domage
© Marc Domage
© Marc Domage
© Marc Domage


Design, direction, choreography, scenography, costumes, production: Luiz de Abreu
Interpreter: Calixto Neto
Artistic collaboration: Jackeline Elesbão, Pedro Ivo Santos, Fabrícia Martins
Light creation: Luiz de Abreu, Alessandra Domingues
Stage mManager: Emmanuel Gary
Soundtrack: Luiz de Abreu,Teo Ponciano
Production and distribution: Julie Le Gall
Production assistant: Michael Summers
Executive production: VOA
Delegated production: CN D Centre National de la Danse at the recreation and till April 2022.

Coproduction: Centre chorégraphique National d’Orléans, Charleroi Danse, Teatro
Municipal do Porto

Revival residencies: Casa Charriot, Espaço Xisto Bahia, Casa Rosada

O Samba do Crioulo Doido was created in its initial version in 2004, as part of the Rumos Itaú Cultural programme.