Performances 2022

Performances 2022

ImPulsTanz Party

ImPulsTanz Party: A-Side
© Melony Lemon

Sicaria Sound (UK)

Andaka (AT) &
That Good Ẅibe Collective (AT)

With sonic nods to dubstep, hip hop and the unexpected as well as drawing on sounds inspired by their African & Arab heritage, the music of Sicaria Sound is a lively trip across and beyond 140bpm. Their lively DJ sets have seen them booked to festivals such as Outlook Festival, Glastonbury, Roskilde, Fabric, Atlas Electronic and the CTM Festival, they tour all over Europe and North America, and dubstep originator Mala counts the two as resident DJs for his seminal Deep Medi imprint.

DJ support comes from Zeisl and Marina Caramba of That Good That Ẅibe Collective, who impress with catchy beats and bass, as well as Linz-based DJ Andaka, whose great love of music, especially HipHop and its roots of soul, funk and disco, becomes evident in her multi-layered DJ sets. 

22:00–00:30 That Good Wïbe Collective
00:30–02:00 Sicaria Sound
02:00–end Andaka

Tickets in advance: €12,– / €10,– for workshop & research participants
Tickets at the box office: €15,–
5.8.2022, 22:00
Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz

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