Performances 2022

Performances 2022

© Eva Würdinger

Claudia Bosse (AT/DE)
ORACLE and SACRIFICE oder die evakuierung der gegenwart

Choreographic Convention
© Eva Würdinger

The future and the past are of the same fabric. We carry what was – and there­fore what will be – in us, it has inscribed itself into our organs and must therefore be legible, must make possible the unthinkable, that is: to understand a person, a body. Tak­ing ancient sacrificial rituals and hieromancy as a starting point, adorned with a lamb’s heart and wrapped in fatty tissue, Claudia Bosse infers the infinite from the infinitesi­mal, cosmic contexts from organic textures, the outermost layer of our possibilities from the narrowest core of the body in her solo ORACLE and SACRIFICE oder die evaku­ierung der gegenwart (“or the evacuation of the present”).

Part of the Choreographic Convention VII In Other Words: A Future

Duration: 90 Min
11.7.2022, 22:00
© Eva Würdinger
© Eva Würdinger
© Eva Würdinger


Concept, space, performance: Claudia Bosse
Accomplices: Julia Zastava (artistic collaboration), Günther Auer (sound & artistic advice), Jonas Tonnhofer (on stage)
Outside eye: Fanti Baum, Philipp Gehmacher
Technical director & special effects: Marco Tölzer
Light: Phoenix / Andreas Hofer
Communication: Oliver Maus
Production & Preparations: Dagmar Tröstler

A production by Theatercombinat in coproduction with Tanzquartier Wien and FFT Düsseldorf, supported by Wien Kultur, the Austrian Ministry for Art and Culture and by Kunststiftung NRW as part of the co-production cycle "who is speaking?".

A thank you to Thomas Feuerstein, Laura Gianvittorio, Ulrike Hafl, Anne Juren, Ismael Karadza, Mun Wai Lee, Elisabeth von Samsonow, Chris Standfest, Robert Steiin, Lucie Strecker, Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein, Dea Widya und Eduard Winter.


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