Performances 2022

Performances 2022

Trajal Harrell / Schauspielhaus Zürich Dance Ensemble (CH/US)
The Köln Concert

© Reto Schmid

Keith Jarrett’s Köln Concert, the best-selling jazz solo record of all time, has served as a soundtrack for countless people for almost fifty years, in vulnerable moments as well as ecstatic ones. But before the titular recording is heard in this enchanting work by Trajal Harrell, the house choreographer of the Schauspielhaus Zurich, Joni Mitchell’s voice can be heard. In its fragility and emotional transparency, which is still unparalleled today, it opens up the space for the extremely elegant seven dancers and for their attempts to be close to each other in a world that is determined by distance in more ways than one.

ImPulsTanz Classic

Duration: 50 Min
5.8.2022, 21:00
7.8.2022, 21:00
© Reto Schmid
© Reto Schmid
© Reto Schmid
© Reto Schmid
© Reto Schmid


By: Trajal Harrell / Schauspielhaus Zürich Dance Ensemble 
To the music of Keith Jarrett and Joni Mitchell
Used by arrangement with ECM Records

With: Titilayo Adebayo, Maria Ferreira Silva, Trajal Harrell, Nojan Bodas Mair, Thibault Lac, Songhay Toldon, Ondrej Vidlar 

Staging, Choreography, Set, Soundtrack & Costumes: Trajal Harrell
Music: Keith Jarrett, Joni Mitchell
Lighting: Sylvain Rausa
Dramaturgy: Katinka Deecke
Audience Development: Mathis Neuhaus
Theatre Pedagogy: Manuela Runge
Production Assistant: Camille Roduit, Maja Renn
Set Design Assistant: Ann-Kathrin Bernstetter, Natascha Leonie Simons
Costume Assistant: Ulf Brauner, Miriam Schliehe
Stage Manager: Michael Durrer
Production Intern: Moritz Lienhard
Set Design Intern: Reina Guyer
Touring Management & International Relations: Björn Pätz, ART HAPPENS
Production: Schauspielhaus Zürich