Performances 1997

Performances 1997

Crash Landing @ Wien (FR)
A Second Chance

© Piet Goethals

A Second Chance

dancers: Meg Stuart, Christine de Smedt, David Hernandez, Mark Tompkins, Steve Paxton u.a.
musicians: Harry Dewit, u.a.
visual artists: Lawrence Malstaf, Nadia Lauro, Maria Anguera de Sojo, u.a.

CRASH LANDING is the title of Meg Stuart’s daring improvisational piece that encourages artists of various disciplines, for instance dance, music, light- , costume- and setdesign, to combine their skills and create a performance full of electrifying clashes.
CRASH LANDINGLWIEN will be shown in co-operation with KUNSTHALLE Wien.


MuseumsQuartier, Halle G

Aug 05, 1997, 21:00
Aug 06, 1997, 24:00
Aug 07, 1997, 21:00