Performances 2023

Performances 2023

Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods, Mark Tompkins / I.D.A. (DE/BE/US & FR/US)

© Gilles Toutevoix

A long history, two outstanding artists. Since 2016, Meg Stuart and Mark Tompkins have shared a passion for improvisation, as here in this real-time composition accompanied by musician Martin Siewert. Tompkins comments: “My passion for composition has always led me in two directions. Choreographies with long rehearsal periods, premieres and tours. Or improvised performances in which the composition is created in the moment of the act. Considered by many to be antagonistic, for me they are simply the two extremes of an interactive dialogue.” It will be exciting and touching at the same time, that much is certain.

Austrian Premiere

Duration: 60 Min

Please note: The performance has been moved from the Volksoper rehearsal stage to the Burgtheater stage due to high ticket demand.
15.7.2023, 21:00
Burgtheater Bühne
sold out
© Gilles Toutevoix
© Gilles Toutevoix
© Gilles Toutevoix


Performed by: Meg Stuart, Mark Tompkins
Music: Martin Siewert
Partners: IDA Mark Tompkins & Damaged Goods Meg Stuart, DGCA Ministry of Culture and Communication, DRAC Franche-Comté, CN D Pantin, Choreographic Research & Repertories, ImPulsTanz Vienna (A), Studio Burdag (P) & EXIN, TICTAC Art Centre, Brussels (B), Dansalava, Vitoria (E), eeg-cowles Foundation

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