Symposium for Dance and Other Contemporary Practices
Lace #1: Topographies of Touch

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ImPulsTanz Symposium for Dance and Other Contemporary Practices
LACE #1: Topographies of Touch
21.–23. Juli
Volksoper Probebühne 1 + 2 & online

In Topographies of Touch experts working at the intersection of art, academia, and activism propose practice-based contributions. Topics formulate around getting-in-touch. How may contact-making succeed interpersonally and cross-culturally, concretely, and metaphorically in diverse contexts?

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Fee: Pay what it’s worth to you (minimum: 20 Euro, recommended: 100 Euro)
21.7.2023, 18:00
Volksoper Probebühne
22.7.2023, 09:30
Volksoper Probebühne
23.7.2023, 09:30
Volksoper Probebühne
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