Performances 2023

Performances 2023

Yevhen Titov / Thomas Seifert (UA & AT)
Files of Routine Action. Body of war

© Yevheniy Titov

Body is purified by action. 
Psyche is purified by action. 
History is purified by collective action.

Yevhen Titov and Thomas Seifert met as war reporters at the front. But both are also – dancers. This encounter will result in a photo exhibition with pictures from different times and lives. Inna Falkova accompanies the project with an interactive research performance, Alfa of death.

We are driving back from town on the front lines. Thomas tells me about a man who sweeps the street under artillery shelling. 
The city is destroyed. The man repeats this gesture over and over again. 
Sweeping away the shrapnel.
We are approaching Kharkov. There is no electricity, no phone connection, no internet. 
Authentic Movement is scheduled for our group. 
A missile strike begins. We practice by candlelight in a shelter. 
The front line stands and holds Kharkiv. 
We practice. Man sweeps.

Thomas Seifert, journalist and dancer from Vienna. 
Yevhen Titov, journalist and performer from Ukraine.


18.7.2023, 19:30: Vernissage & Talk
From 19.7.2023 to 6.8.2023 open at Odeon one hour before the start of each performance.

Admission free
18.7.2023, 19:30
Odeon Foyer
© Yevheniy Titov
© Yevheniy Titov
© Yevheniy Titov