Performances 2023

Performances 2023

Michael Laub (BE)
The Post Confinement Travelogue

© Oyen Rodriguez

Beuys said: “When an artist takes a selfie, the selfie becomes an art work.” Or didn’t he say that? Every good work of art is a self-portrait. Question: Is a selfie a self-portrait? Laub‘s theatre work shows always his intense love for people. This self-portrait is of a lonely wolf who walks for days in a dark forest, finds all of the sudden a mirror, looks in it and says: “What the fuck is that?” (Jan Lauwers) A great dance film from the aftermath of the pandemic. The celebrated director wanders through Cambodia, Vietnam, Brussels; he reminds himself and us of his work, develops new plans – and he dances ...

Duration: 58 Min

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Price in pre-sale: 6 Euro / reduced: 5 Euro
Price at the evening box office of the Austrian Film Museum: 10.50 Euro / reduced: 9.50 Euro

In English with English subtitles.
23.7.2023, 20:30
Österreichisches Filmmuseum
© Oyen Rodriguez
© Oyen Rodriguez
© Oyen Rodriguez


Directed by: Michael Laub
With: Michael Laub, Sreynich Yoeun, Sreythy Touch, Maria Seck, Svetlana Epifanova, Tin Por, Danita Mauv, Sokim Seng, Deva Laub
Tuktuk driver: Hung Hong
Minivan driver: Khemara You
Make-up artist: Van Vart
Hotel receptionist: Khim Seyha
Video production and sound production: Oyen Rodriguez
Sound designer and re-recording mixer:Vincent Villa
Sound editor and assistant re-recording mixer: Elie Ommering
Audio post-production: Kongchak Studio Cambodia
Video Brussels: Sébastien Alouf and Benoît Baudson
Video Ho Chi Minh: Jack Vo Tran Viet Tranh
Additional cell phone video: Mathieu Ly, Ulla Cronqvist and Samuel Laub
Additional camera assistance Cambodia: Dara Pech and Jake Almeida
Proofreading: Amanda Coffin
Executive producer: Coralie Morillon
Assistant director: Mathieu Ly
Assistant director Brussels: Miriam Schmidtke
Soundtracks: Mute Speaker, Madison Khmer Soul Beat, Pazuzu, Infection, KlapYahandz Records
Vietnamese lullaby: Lien Anh Nguyen and Tran Thi Kim Tuyet
Special thanks: Ebru Karaca, Michael Stolhofer, Greg Zuccolo