Performances 2023

Performances 2023

Lucinda Childs / Robert Wilson (IT/US)
RELATIVE CALM   music by Jon Gibson, Igor Stravinsky, John Adams

© Lucie Jansch

This is what happens when the doyenne of postmodern dance, and theatre all-rounder Robert Wilson – two great personalities of the performing arts with a shared past sit – at home alone because of the pandemic and feel caged in: they exchange ideas and look for inspiration for the time after the crisis. Anyhow, here’s the result: RELATIVE CALM, a visually stunning piece with powerful music and impressive video projections. Childs and Wilson, the artistic dream couple since Einstein on the Beach, their first collaboration nearly half a century ago, have revisited collaborations from the 1980s to the music of Jon Gibson and John Adams, and created this new three-part work for the big stage – plus Childs’ choreographic vision of Stravinsky’s Pulcinella Suite. This magical evening will be danced by the ensemble of the MP3 Dance Project from Rome under the direction of Michele Pogliani.

Austrian Premiere

Duration: 75 Min
7.7.2023, 21:00
8.7.2023, 21:00
9.7.2023, 21:00
10.7.2023, 21:00
© Lucie Jansch
© Lucie Jansch
© Lucie Jansch
© Lucie Jansch
© Lucie Jansch
© Lucie Jansch


Concept, light, video, set and direction: Robert Wilson
Choreography: Lucinda Childs
Music: Jon Gibson, Igor Stravinsky, John Adams

MP3 Dance project 
Directed by: Michele Pogliani 
With: Agnese Trippa, Giovanni Marino, Nicolò Troiano, Sara Mignani, Asia Fabbri, Mariagrazia Avvenire, Mariantonietta Mango, Giulia Maria De Marzi, Xhoaki Hoxha, Gerardo Pastore, Maria Pia Giordani, Alexandru Mihaita Tanasa

1. Jon Gibson Rise (1981): Winds, keyboards, autoharp, ambient recording, soprano saxophones and percussion (New World records)
2. Lucinda Childs knee play 1 – quotes from Nijinsky’s Diaries
3. Igor Stravinsky Pulcinella Suite (1922): Performed and recorded by PMCE Parco della Musica Contemporanea Ensemble directed by Tonino Battista
4. Lucinda Childs knee play 2 – quotes from Nijinsky’s Diaries
5. John Adams Light over water / part 3 (1985): Symphony for brass instruments and synthesizers, New Albion Records

Collaborator to set design: Flavio Pezzotti 
Collaborator to light design:  Cristian Simon
Video designer collaborator: Tomek Jeziorski 
Costumes: Tiziana Barbaranelli 
Sound: Dario Felli
Make-up: Claudia Bastia 
Technical director: Enrico Maso 
Stage manager:  Petra Deidda 
Assistant to lights: Fabio Bozzetta
Assistant to video design: Michele Innocente
Assistant to costumes: Flavia Ruggeri 
Photos: Lucie Jansch
Project manager: Marta Dellabona 
Production and communication: Martina Galbiati 
Personal assistant to Robert Wilson: Liam Krumstroh

RW-Work, New York

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