Performances 2022

Performances 2022

Benoît Lachambre / Félix-Antoine Morin (CA)
Cathartic Quest

© Laurent Theillet

Authenticity and a direct connection with life are significant factors in the performances of one of Canada’s most notable contem­porary choreographers, Benoît Lachambre. And what could be more genuine than actual cathartic experiences? Together with artist and musician Félix­-Antoine Morin, Lachambre goes in search of the ‘spiritual truth in creating art’ in this piece. Medicinal plant ceremonies, dolphins, repression and Catholicism play important roles in this endeavour. As do the singing voice and its resonance in architecture, echoes, vibrations and the sacred.

World Premiere
Performance postponed to 1.8.2022 and 3.8.2022 at Leopold Museum for production reasons.

Duration: 60 Min
1.8.2022, 19:30
Leopold Museum
3.8.2022, 17:30
Leopold Museum

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