Elio Gervasi (AT/IT)

© Alberto Franceschini

He is an established poetic great on the Viennese dance scene, and he has always remained true to his own artistic stand­ards, regardless of the fluctuating trends in contemporary choreography. Born in Italy in 1953, Elio Gervasi has lived in Vienna for over half a century, which is where he founded his own company 35 years ago that is still active here today. Over the years, the passionate dancer has proven time and again how his considerate approach to working with dancers produces extraordinary pieces. Gervasi finally presents himself on stage again in a grand solo in collaboration with Karl Baratta.

World Premiere

Duration: 55 Min

Price: 20 / 24 Euro
Reduced: 17 / 20 Euro
26.7.2022, 21:00
28.7.2022, 21:00
© Alberto Franceschini
© Alberto Franceschini
© Alberto Franceschini


Choreography, dance: Elio Gervasi
Concept, design: Karl Baratta
Composition, live music: Alessandro Vicard
Objects: Tanz Company Gervasi
Chairs (Rocker): Manfred Plottegg
Video: Alberto Franceschin
Light: Siggi Wiltsche 
Costumes: Hanna Hollmann

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Date: 15.08.2022, 23:21 | Link: https://www.impulstanz.com/en/performances/id2584/