Michael Turinsky (AT)
Precarious Moves

© Michael Loizenbauer

At first, the two-time Nestroy Prize winner Michael Turinsky wonders if he should write a love letter to communism ‘as a genuine movement’. Or is it a better idea to tweet about socialism and its relation­ship to the bicycle or wheelchair? But in the end – stick to what you know! – he devotes himself in this solo to his deviant gestures in a field between choreography and disability. The outstanding Viennese dancer and body philosopher takes a stand against the norms of mobility culture, advo­cates understanding and consideration of ‘different’ ways of moving alongside one’s ‘own’.

The performance on 26 July will be followed by an artist talk moderated by Karin Cerny (Profil) with Michael Turinsky and Marty Huber (QueerBase). This will be translated into Austrian sign language. In addition, the text from the performance will be projected live onto the stage.

Duration: 70 Min

Price: 24 Euro
Reduced: 20 Euro
25.7.2022, 21:00
Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz
26.7.2022, 20:30
Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz
27.7.2022, 19:00
Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz
© Michael Loizenbauer
© Michael Loizenbauer
© Michael Loizenbauer
© Michael Loizenbauer


Performance, choreography, text, lyrics: Michael Turinsky
Music, lyrics: Tian Rotteveel
Stage, costume: Jenny Schleif
Lighting: Sveta Schwin

Photo / video: Michael Loizenbauer
Dramaturgical advice: Gabrielle Cram
Production: Anna Gräsel // groundworkers.at

A production by Michael Turinsky Verein für philosophische Praxis

Coproductions Tanzquartier Wien, HAU Hebbel am Ufer

Supported by Stadt Wien, BMKÖS

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Date: 15.08.2022, 23:23 | Link: https://www.impulstanz.com/en/performances/id2580/