piece of love: Pyjama Party at the Seestadt Studios

Film shoot, sound installation, workshop, happening

© Daniel Rajcsanyi

30 March 2024, 14:00 (duration 4 hours)
Seestadt Studios, Am-Ostrom-Park 11, 1220 Vienna
What to bring: Pyjamas and slippers

For the film piece of love, the AmenoGirls are looking for volunteers to work on the scene Pyjama Party at Seestadt. You can expect an a+ abysmal and trance-like audiovisual installation in which a movie shoot is staged. While the sound kitchen is boiling, you can get dressed for the occasion, practice the legendary Popobello choreography and make popcorn pop on a schnitzel bed. 
PS: There will be pizza!

Made possible by cultural funding from the Donaustadt district


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