Golden KUNSTSTÜCK Kulturaward for ImPulsTanz

Together with design studio CIN CIN and 3D makeup artist Ines Alpha ImPulsTanz has won the golden KUNSTSTÜCK Kulturaward 2023 by Kultuformat in the category “Performing Arts & Culture” for our festival campaign 2021 featuring Breanna O’Mara and 陳威達 DaDa Elle (DaDa JV). A big thank you goes to everyone who has voted for us. Here’s to you too!


More programme highlights

For the 40th edition the workshop centre returns to where it all began back in 1984: to Schmelz. To mark the anniversary, over 130 teachers – including Joe Alegado, Fabiana Pastorini and Perel – invite beginners and professionals to give their all in Ballet, Jazz, Bodywork, Voguing, Improvisation, Modern Dance and HipHop. Among the performance programme other highlights include international greats such as Meg Stuart and Lucinda Childs and new faces like Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe or Marina Otero. With Liquid Loft and toxic dreams, the local scene also announces itself famously. From Tuesday, 18 April, all workshops and research projects can be booked, the pre-sale for selected productions starts on 9 May and tickets for the entire programme are available from 6 June.