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YOU ARE HERE! – 6th IDOCDE Symposium on Contemporary Dance Education

© Martin Streit
© Martin Streit

You are here!

6th IDOCDE Symposium – Summer 2018

27–29 July 2018 at ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival

NEW: Volunteers wanted!
The IDOCDE team is looking for your support. In exchange you will get of course free admission ot the entire symposium and 50% reduction on 2 workshops of your choice!

Here you are invited to participate, realize, co-inhabit time, space, and bodies of knowledge together, during the 6th IDOCDE symposium!

The IDOCDE symposium is committed to sharing practice(s) of dance, to fostering community, and to the interweaving of dancing and reflecting.

Keeping within this tradition, this year’s content is generated by a collaborative effort of 30+ fellow dance practitioners / teachers in a residency before the symposium. The Mind The Dance publication provides an underscore for seven groups to research and play with different ways how to engage with artistic and reflective documentation within their practices - to be shared and discussed with you further in the symposium REFLEX track.

Alongside this focus on collaborations and collectives, that is also the pairing of the pedagogic/artistic with reflective practice, the symposium track contextualizes our actions as another kind of relationship: to think together how the political and the private intertwine in our doing and thinking. We have invited artists who move your thinking to create participatory choreographic spaces, performative lectures, a shared dinner, and much more to engage your contemporary mind and body.

In this sense all of the symposium is (1) the place and (2) the time for (3) the becoming relationship, the content of which is going to be revealed in real time.

Please come and join us this weekend during which we will attempt to instant-compose a socio-political, choreographic sculpture of experience-based knowledge – and so collectively bring about the 2018 IDOCDE Symposium!

With: Colleen Bartley (UK), Gina Battistich/ViennaSchoolOff (AT), Carol Brown (NZ), Joana Chicau (NL), Klaas Devos (BE), Samuel Draper (SE), Defne Erdur (FR/TR), Oguz Erdur (TR/US), Patrick Faurot (MK/US), Gosia Gaidenska (PL), Eszter Gál (HU), Emilie Gallier (NL/FR), Johanna Henritius (FR/FI) , Nicolas Hubert (FR), Sabrina Huth (NL), Viktorija Ilosca (MK), Sabina Holzer (AT), Curio Kitheca (SI), Andrea Keiz (DE), Kerstin Kussmaul (NZ/DE), Anouk LLaurens (BE), Friederike Lampert (DE), Sasha Kleinplatz (CA), Agnese Krivade (FI), Ulla Makinen (FI), Siliva Marchig (CR), Rayen Mitrovich (CL), Deirdre Morris (US), Johanna Nielsen (AT),  Marianna Panourgia (GR), Fabiana Pastorini (AT/AR), Liisa Penti (FI), Kasia Pol (NZ/PL), Gwen Rakotowa (MG), Ilana Reynolds (DE),  Agnes Schneidewind (AT), Melina Seldes (AR), Shelley Senter (US), Risa Steinberg (US), Angela Stöcklin (CH), Martin Streit (DE), John Taylor (NL), Maria Ines Villasmil (NL).
list subject to change

All interested in body, movement, process and documentation are welcome!
Detailed programme as pdf file

Registration fee Symposium: € 135 / € 50 (IDOCDE members) / see details online at – All REFLEX Europe events free of charge!

Registration:, Questions:

*International Documentation of Contemporary Dance Education

Your Symposium and REFLEX Projekt team:
Defne Erdur, Eszter Gál, Pavle Heidler, Kerstin Kussmaul, Claire Granier Blaschke, Martin Streit


The IDOCDE symposium is part of the EU program REFLEX EUROPE.
REFLEX researches and uses documentation as a tool for reflection in order to improve the teaching and to increase the impact on the learners in contemporary dance.  



Grafik: Katharina Gattermann, Foto © Karolina Miernik

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