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impressions'15 © Karolina Miernik
impressions'15 © Karolina Miernik

When do the workshops take place?

The workshops and research projects take place from 15th July to 9th August 2019.
The programme is divided into seven independent phases: A week long workshop takes place once a day from Monday to Friday (between 90 and 135 minutes per session), Intensive weekend workshops take place twice a day on Saturday and Sunday (between 135 and 180 minutes per session), in some cases though in a longer block (360 minutes) once a day.

Week1: 15–19 July
Intensive1: 20–21 July
Week2: 22–26 July
Intensive2: 27–28 July
Week3: 29 July–02 August
Intensive3: 03–04 August
Week4: 05–09 August

Which levels are there?

You can choose between the following levels:
Beginning Level
Open Level
Intermediate Level
Advanced Level
Advanced* Level
Which level the respective workshop is assigned to can be found in the detailed description or in the workshop schedule.

Where do the workshops take place?

The majority of workshops takes place at the Workshop Centre at Arsenal Vienna. Whereas the Shake the Break workshops for children and teenagers will take place at Dschungel Wien. Another exception are the Public Moves workshops. They take place daily at Anton-Benya Park and on two weekends at Rathauspark. Detailed information on the locations of the workshops can be found on our website and in the workshop catalogue.

When can the workshops be booked?

As of now you can book your workshops by choosing from the schedule or the teachers’ list.

Where and how can the workshops be booked?

Workshops can be booked onlineand directly at the ImPulsTanz Workshop Office. You can find all important information and conditions here.

How much does the participation in a workshop cost?

The regular fee for a workshop is 190 euro. We do offer an early bird discount (booking until 31st May) as well as a discount if you book more than one workshop. There are also reduced fees for students, apprentices, recruits, conscientious objectors performing community service (<27), GoldenAgers (55+), professional dancers, dance teachers, teens (<18) as well as owners of the AK AktivKarte, DER STANDARD Subscribtion or the Ö1 Club Card. Find out more here.

Can workshops be cancelled or exchanged for another workshop?

If you want to cancel your workshop booking, there is a cancellation policy to consider. Cancellations from your side can only be accepted up to 14 days before the first workshop starts. Please note that we charge 50 euro cancellation fee. If you cancel later, the workshop fee(s) will not be refunded and will be demanded. If you want to change workshops, please contact the Workshop Office or talk to our team at the Workshop Office.

What is there to expect at Workshop Centre at Arsenal?

As usual, in 2019 the Workshop Centre at Arsenal, close to Vienna’s central station, is the hub of the ImPulsTanz Festival during the day, where dance enthusiasts from more than 90 countries meet. A cafeteria invites to linger, pools offer refreshing splashing and most of the workshops are open to watch. In addition to that, the Workshop Centre also features the ImPulsTanz fan shop, bike rentals, its own BodyWork Space and free child care. More information here.

How can I sign my kid up for the child care at Arsenal?

Parents, who attend workshops and appreciate having their children in close proximity and good care during their booked workshops, are welcome to make use of our childcare. Thanks to the support of AK Wien, we are able to offer it free of charge! We kindly ask you to register the need for child care in early enough – ideally in the course of your workshop booking, but not later than three days before the date via Spots are limited!

How much does it cost to rent a bike at the Arsenal?

It is possible to rent ImPulsTanz Bikes at a fee of 8 euro per calendar day or 40 euro per week. The ImPulsTanz Bikes are very popular, don’t wait too long.

Are there any food suppliers at the Arsenal?

During the entire festival, there will be access to a cafeteria at Arsenal. You can buy cool drinks, coffee, snacks and changing dishes from our Maître de Plaisir francophil.

Is there WIFI at the Arsenal?

There is free WiFi available around the cafeteria.

How do I get to Arsenal?

The Arsenal is located in the third district. The exact address is Burgtheater-Probebühne, ART for ART workshops, Object 19, 1030 Vienna. The best way to get there by public transport is: S1, S2, S3, S4, Tram 18, D, O: Quartier Belvedere; Bus 69A: Arsenalsteg. More details here!

Will there be free events and showings during the festival?

Yes, our Open Doors events at free admission – such as the opening presentation «impressions'19» on 14th July, the Dance Contest on 3rd August, which has become one of the highlights of the festival, the final event «expressions'19» on the 10th August – and the numerous showings and jams give insights into the workshop programme and invite everyone to join. All important dates will be published daily on our website (on the mainpage and under Open Doors), posted as notices at Arsenal and via our WhatsApp service. Register here and stay posted!

How can I participate in the Dance Contest?

Amateur und professional dancers of all styles, whether urban or contemporary, are very welcome to dance for the audience and the jury. The challenge is to show off your skills, finesse, charms and craziness but also to react spontaneously on the music. The winner gets a residency for ImPulsTanz 2020. Hosted by Storm! Sign up here!

What does Public Moves stand for?

From 15th July to 11th August there will also be free classes in public spaces. In two different locations – daily at Anton-Benya Park and on two weekends at Rathauspark – teachers convey their skills. Every age, level and ability is welcome! No reservation required. The programme including information about time and location will be published on our website in May.

What does GoldenAgers mean?

GoldenAge is its own department with workshops for dance enthusiasts over 55 years.

What does MixedAbilites mean?

The MixedAbilites workshops engage in inclusive dance (dance for people with and without disabilities). People with disabilities are also welcome in many of the regular workshops. If you are not sure about your participation, our team at the Workshop Office is happy to give you advice. All Open Level MixedAbilities workshops are offered on a pay-as-you-wish-principle – "you pay what you can or consider to be fair". The payment is made exclusively in person at the ImPulsTanz Workshop Office.

What does Shake the Break stand for?

Shake the Break includes all workshops for children and teenagers, all of which take place at Dschungel Wien and are aimed at specific age groups.

Whats the difference between a workshop and a research project?

Contrary to the workshops, which are open to all levels, research projects address only advanced and professional dancers and choreographers. The research may consist of individual coaching, group experiments or in-depth improvisation experiences stimulated by the project head, it may be a merely process-oriented period or also one leading up to a public presentation, its main intention always is to provide a platform for professional meetings and swaps in the field of contemporary dance and performance. All further information can be found here.

How much does the participation in research projects cost and how can I apply?

As of now you can start applying for research projects. All information about fees and the application can be found here.

Is there reasonable priced housing?

The ImPulsTanz Housinglist is a list of private accommodation available in Vienna during the festival. The list will be available by end of April and updated on a daily basis depending on the information we receive from accommodation providers. ImPulsTanz is not liable for any incorrect or inaccurate information on this list. We only list offers we receive from people calling in. Usually the prices for housing are around 25 euro a night. Click here to get to the Housinglist.



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