Steven Cohen "Body Scenography" © Karolina Miernik
Steven Cohen "Body Scenography" © Karolina Miernik

What does danceWEB stand for?

Every year since 1996, the danceWEB Further Education and Exchange Programme has provided dancers and young choreographers with a five-week platform for further education and exchange in the context of ImPulsTanz. danceWEB compromises workshops, research projects and performances. In addition, the participants will be accompanied by artistic mentors. Mentors of 2021 are Anne Juren and Frédéric Gies. Click here to find out more.

How can I apply for danceWEB?

The online application is available each year from November on until mid-December on the website of Life Long Burning. For detailed information about the application process please click here.

Which costs have to be paid by the participants themselves?

If selected for danceWEB, the participants still need to find a financial contribution of 2,150 euro (to their total scholarship expenses) from national / regional funding institutions in their home country / country of residence in order to secure their participations.

What is ATLAS – create your dance trails?

ATLAS – create your dance trails is a choreographic training programme founded in 2014 that allows artists to spend a month engaging in contemporary dance. ATLAS offers, amongst others, a diverse workshop programme, an individual coaching and a platform to develop and present works during the festival. ATLAS coach 2021 is once again the dance dramaturge Guy Cools.

How can I apply for ATLAS – create your dance trails?

The applications are open until end of March and go directly to All important and current information will be published on our website under ProScene / Education
Click here to find out more about the conditions and information regarding the application process.

How much does the ATLAS participation fee cost?

The participation fee is 2,600 euro. The registration is valid only after an advance payment of 800 euro.
We also offer a discount to groups of five or more people for a reduced participation fee of 2,000 euro per person. The participants need to be of legal age.

What does the DanceAbility Teacher Certification stand for?

The DanceAbility Teacher Training is a four-week course addressing people, who want to teach inclusive groups in the art of movement and who want to learn about a model for integrative communities. The training is held by Alito Alessi, founder and executive director of DanceAbility. Find out more here.

How can I register for the DanceAbility Teacher Training?

To register, please send your CV, a photo and the completed registration form to

How much does the participation cost?

The total fee is 1,650 euro. Please note that your registration will be considered only upon receipt of the deposit of 500 euro.

What does Team up! stand for?

ImPulsTanz offers a one-week training camp Team up!. It is especially aimed at groups of eight or more people, who want to deepen their training, improve their technique and gain new input. Individual training schedules are tailored to the needs of the participants and performance visits provide creative impulses. Click here for more information. 

Which services are included and how much does it cost?

Team up! includes three workshops, five performance tickets and an accomodation for each praticipant. The costs are 900 euro per person. If longer periods, additional services or adaptations are desired, our Workshop Office is at your disposal. The price will be adjusted accordingly.

How can I register my group?

Registrations are possible via

What does the Embodied Myoreflex Therapy Practitioner Certification stand for?

In 2021 we are pleased to offer a new training programme in the field of therapeutic and educational movement practice. The programme, based on two modules and led by Dr. Kurt Mosetter and Dr. Kerstin Kussmaul, combines myoreflex therapy with the somatic and dance workshops offered by ImPulsTanz. Registration deadline: 5th April 2021. Find out more here.

Does ImPulsTanz also organise symposia?

In addition to performance, workshops and parties, various symposia also take place during the festival. They will be announced at the latest with the release of the performance programme in June 2021.

What is a TURBO Research Residency?

The TURBO Research Residencies are aimed exclusively at up-and-coming artists who live and work in Austria in order to support young local dance and performance artists and to strengthen the Austrian scene. Each residency is individually defined in dialogue.

Which services does it include?

The residencies include use of the rehearsal room, workshops and research projects, performance tickets and individual coaching by experienced artists. MORE

How can i apply for a TURBO Research Residency?

Applications can be send (English or German) incl. curriculum vitae and brief description of the project you want to work on during your residency in spring 2021 to

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Design: CIN CIN Vienna / Photos: Ulrich Zinell / Performer: Breanna O'Mara / 3D Make Up: Ines Alpha

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Design: CIN CIN Vienna / Photos: Ulrich Zinell / Performer: DaDa JV / 3D Make Up: Ines Alpha

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