Embodied Myoreflex Therapy Practitioner Certification
November 2024 – May 2027

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  2. Scope of the Course
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EMP is the further education for any dance and movement practitioner, arts and other educator, artist, therapist, social worker wanting to create an effective therapeutic and embedded embodied practice. As certified Myoreflex practitioner using neuro-myo-fascial movement practice, the EMP is able to release the full range of movement potential of their clients, addressing a wide range of issues from restricted movement, pain, trauma, and dysfunctional movement habits.

Through integrating six individually chosen ImPulsTanz dance and somatic workshops in the EMP curriculum, programme graduates build a specific professional profile transcending the therapeutic aspects of Myoreflex Practice, being able to apply the detailed physiological knowledge in educational, artistic, and community work. The sensing, thinking and feeling bodies of practitioner and client unfold abundant inner and outer relationships, stimulating agency and response-ability. Together they create an eco-somatic habitat – a tensegric embodiment.

Teachers are trailblazers in their areas of specialisation. They make use of decades long teaching experience, and are committed to student- and process-oriented approaches and to reflective communication.

SCOPE OF THE COURSE* (600 hours)

Extended Myoreflex Practice (360 hours)

  • Introduction to relevant anatomical, physiological, pathological concepts
  • Biomechanics / Biokinematics
  • Basic principles of Myoreflex therapy
  • Anatomy of the moving body
  • Anatomy trains (Myofascial connections)
  • Fundamentals of relevant neurophysiology and neuroanatomy
  • Movement and pain models with horizontal and vertical networking theories
  • Simulated movement and palpation
  • Preparing the way toward a new understanding of illness patterns and of ways how to generate health
  • Fundamentals of Neuromuscular Trauma Therapy (NMTT)
  • Relevant conceptual models of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  • Myoreflex Therapy for psychosomatic issues
  • Practice sessions and reflections
  • ImPulsTanz Student School (internship)
  • Study groups
  • Ethics of practice and professional conduct
  • Examination with certification as a Embodied Myoreflex Practitioner (theory and practice)

Tensegric Embodiment (240 hours)

  • Myofascia in movement (tensegrity principle, liquid crystals, systems of communication and transformation)
  • Movement analysis
  • The psoas connection 
  • Anatomy trains (myofascial lines) in movement
  • 6 elective workshops at ImPulsTanz (i.e. Alexander Technique, Body-Mind Centering, Feldenkrais or other somatic-based courses)
  • Neuro-myo-fascial tonus modulation
  • Somatic-based improvisation and composition
  • Touch and movement
  • Practices of attention
  • The body in its eco-somatic habitat (site-responsive and relational aspects of myofascia)
  • Didactics of somatics (student-centered learning and teaching)
  • Introduction to a critical theory and history of somatics
  • Group process / non-violent communication strategies
  • Internship / practices of teaching, therapy and artmaking


Dr. Kurt Mosetter (DE)
Founder of Myoreflex therapy, Head of Zentrum für Interdisziplinäre Therapien Konstanz and author. See myoreflex.net

Kerstin Kussmaul, PhD (AT/DE), RSMT / RSME
Myoreflex lecturer, somatic movement practitioner and teacher, myofascia researcher and acupressure practitioner. Developed a queer-feminist eco-somatics based on myofascial action. Invested in transdisciplinary thinking and collaborative action. See www.fasciamatters.info, www.artisumbria.com

Dr. Philipp Kull (AT/DE)
Physician and (sports) physiotherapist specialising in the conservative treatment of injuries and overuse syndromes of the musculoskeletal system, as well as an enthusiastic myoreflex therapist for many years with several years of experience in the care of competitive athletes and work in the field of clinical research.

Maud Paulissen (AT)
Myoreflex therapist, dance and piano graduate, Chladek technique expert and many years of university teaching in movement and dance pedagogy and creative process. Movement work with mentally challenged adults as well as mentoring and dramaturgical advising.

Sylvia Scheidl (MA, AT)
has been practicing dance / movement, inspired by contact improvisation, experiential anatomy, Ideokinesis and Body-Mind Centering. BA Dance, MA Contemporary Dance Pedagogics, EMP. Part of the collective SomEx and co-curator of ImPulsTanz Symposium of Dance and Other Contemporary Practices.

Mariella Greil, PhD (AT)
Senior artist at the Applied Performance Laboratory, international teaching and research mentoring, music therapist, EMP. Her artistic research focuses on contemporary performance, in particular on ramifications from the somatic to the choreographic and ethical. http://mariellagreil.net/ and https://apl.uni-ak.ac.at/

& Faculty of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Therapies Konstanz
& Faculty of ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival
& guest teachers


English and German
Three or more English speaking participants: Bilingual English / German. German speaking lectures will be translated into English, all material available in English.


23.–27.11.2024 (Vienna)
2.–5.1.2025 (Vienna)
20.–23.3.2025 (Vienna)
25.5.–1.6.2025 (Artis Umbria  / IT)
2.–5.8.2025 (Vienna)
26.–30.11.2025 (Vienna)
2.–5.1.2026 (Vienna)
3.–6.4.2026 (Vienna)

24.–31.5.2026 (Artis Umbria, Montegabbione / IT)
3.–6.8.2026 (Vienna)
26.–29.11.2026 (Vienna)
2.–5.1.2027 (Vienna)
26.–30.3.2027 (Vienna)
6.5.–9.5.2027 (Vienna)

+ 6 workshops at ImPulsTanz 2025 and 2026
+ Weekly online live class (with recording)


Course fee: €9,460 total 

Included: Certification, scripts and materials 
Not included: Travel, accommodation and food
Affordable accommodation and healthy food options will be offered at Artis Umbria / Italy. 

Registration fee (will be deducted from total fee): €760

Registration deadline: 25 August 2024

Maximum number of participants: 18
There are two volunteer position for reduced price available – for ideas for cofinancing please contact vita@artisumbria.com.

Registrations will be accepted (pending approval) in the order of registration fee received.

Monthly payments by direct debit without surcharge: 1.11.2024–1.11.2026 (25x): €348
Alternatively three payments of €2,900 to be paid on 1.11.2024, 1.11.2025 and 1.11.2026


1) Artistic, medical, therapeutic, educational, social and environmental background
2) A letter of motivation and a CV to be send to workshopoffice@impulstanz.com

A collaboration of ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival (AT) & Dr. Mosetter Prinzip; Vesalius (DE)

*Course content may be adapted

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