Embodied Myoreflex Therapy Practicioner (EMP) Certification

EMP is a further education programme for dance and movement practitioners, teachers, artists, therapists or social workers looking for an efficient therapeutic and pedagogical practice. EMPs are trained myoreflex therapists and somatic teachers who use neuro-myo-fascial movement and touch techniques to develop their clients’ full movement potential. Somatic means learning through the use of existing body intelligence and by developing an awareness of physical processes, especially in motion.

By integrating somatic and dance workshops on offer at ImPulsTanz, programme participants can establish an individual professional profile and apply the acquired knowledge in various settings – such as working with specific demographic groups, in various educational, therapeutic and artistic fields.

The sensing, feeling and thinking bodies of EMPs and their clients form rich inner and outer relationships, promote agency and response-ability towards themselves and others. Together they create an ecosomatic habitat – or ‘tensegric embodiment’.

The programme instructors are pioneers in their specialist fields, have decades of teaching and training experience, and are experts in learning- and process-oriented approaches and reflective communication.


The Embodied Myoreflex Therapy Practicioner (EMP) certification comprises 550 hours in the form of two sequential modules:

MYO module: Myoreflex Therapy (manual trauma & pain therapy) 
270 hours
June 2021 – December 2022

SOMA module: Tensegric Embodiment (neuro-myo-fascial somatic movement practice) 
280 hours
January 2023 – April 2024


Dr Kurt Mosetter (DE), Head of the Center for Interdisciplinary Therapies in Constance
Dr Kerstin Kussmaul (AT/DE), RSMT/RSME
+ faculty of the Center for Interdisciplinary Therapies in Constance
+ teachers of ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival
+ guest instructors


English and German
Written course materials are available in German and English.
Teachers speak German and/or English; their lectures will be translated into both languages as required.


Vienna, ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival
Country retreat (TBA)
Online modules (either live webinars or at your own pace)


Payment plan available

Embodied Myoreflex Therapy Practitioner (modules MYO & SOMA) €8,640 
Registration fee: €640 (non-refundable) by 19 April 2021

Myoreflex therapy (MYO module only) €5,240
Registration fee: €640 (non-refundable) by 19 April 2021

Tensegric Embodiment (SOMA module only) €5,240 
(required qualification: MYO module or existing certification as a Myoreflex therapist)
Registration fee: €640 (non-refundable) by 5 October 2022

Included: certification, course documents and other materials
Not included: travel costs, accommodation, food

Affordable accommodation available at all course locations.
Further details here.


Artistic, medical, therapeutic, educational, social-pedagogical or environmental background. Interest in and experience with the body in motion. We expressly invite people with different backgrounds and biographies to apply.

If you are interested, please contact the ImPulstanz Workshop Office: workshopoffice@impulstanz.com

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