Embodied Myoreflex Therapy Practitioner (EMP) Certification

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© Lauren Ziegler

EMP is the further education for any dance and movement practitioner, arts and other educator, artist, therapist, social worker wanting to create an effective therapeutic and embedded embodied practice. As certified Myoreflex therapist using neuro-myo-fascial movement practice, the EMP is able to release the full range of movement potential of their clients, addressing a wide range of issues from pain, trauma, and functional derailings.

Through integrating elective ImPulsTanz dance and somatic workshops in the EMP curriculum, program graduates build an individual professional profile transcending the therapeutic aspects, being able to apply the detailed physiological knowledge in other settings, such as educational, artistic, and community work. The sensing, thinking and feeling bodies of EMP and client unfold abundant inner and outer relationships, stimulating agency and response-ability. Together they create an eco-somatic habitat - a tensegric embodiment.

This programme’s teachers are trailblazers in their areas of specialization. They make use of decades long teaching experience, and are committed to learn- and process- oriented approaches and to reflective communication.

Course extent

Module MYO: Myoreflex Therapy (manual trauma & pain therapy)
June 2021–December 2022

Module SOMA: Tensegric Embodiment (neuro-myo-fascial somatic movement)
January 2023–April 2024

The detailed course contents are available here.


Dr. Kurt Mosetter (DE), Head of Center for Interdisciplinary Therapies Konstanz
Dr. Kerstin Kussmaul (AT/DE), RSMT / RSME
+ Faculty of Center for Interdisciplinary Therapies Konstanz
+ Faculty of ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival

Payment plans and affordable accommodation options provided.

Course language:

English & German. All materials will be available in English. Teachers are German and/or English speaking and will be translated in both directions.

Locations & Dates:

Vienna – ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival
Country Retreat
Online classes (your choice of live-webinar or recordings)

Please refer to the detailed Info-PDF for the exact dates of the education.


Here you will find the instalment plans for the respective modules.

Embodied Myoreflex Therapy Practitioner (Modul MYO & SOMA) € 8.640,–
Registration fee € 640,– (non-refundable) by 19th April 2021

Extended Myoreflex Therapy (only Module MYO) € 5.240,–
Registration fee € 640,– (non-refundable) by 19th April 2021

Tensegric Embodiment (only Module SOMA) € 5.240,–
(prerequisite: Module MYO or other certification as Myoreflex therapist)
Registration fee € 640,–  (non-refundable) by 10th October 2022

Included: Certification, scripts and materials.
Not included: Travel, accommodation, food. Affordable accommodation & healthy food options will be offered in all locations.

Entry requirements:

Artistic, medical, therapeutic, educational, social, environmental background. We honour a variety of biographies dependent on the participant’s context.


To apply, please send the completed registration form, a CV and a letter of motivation by e-mail to workshopoffice@impulstanz.com. The registration fee of 640 euro has to be payed to complete the application procedure.

Application deadline is May 31, 2021.




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