International companies, choreographers and schools invite dancers to attend auditions during the festival. Calls for auditions are updated regularly.

With over 3,000 participants in the workshops and research projects, ImPulsTanz offers a perfect platform for auditions. Our services include international announcement and promotion of the audition as well as arranging, handling and holding the event. A spacious studio with sound system and/or piano and, if desired, a teacher or a répétiteur are also available.


Casting Call

29 July 2023, 14:00
Volksoper Probebühne
Studios VOP 2
Severingasse 7, 1090 Wien
U6: Volksoper; Tram: 37, 38, 40, 41, 42, 5: Spitalgasse

Miguel Alejandro is seeking 6 dancers for staging The Gospel According to the other Mary – opera by Américan composer John Adams at the Volksoper as part of the Wiener Festwochen. Knowledge of African diasporic dance forms and/or Latin-American dance forms is ideal. All bodies are welcome.
Dates & Locations: Creation workshop 10–14 March 2024 in Vienna.
Rehearsals start 1st of May 2024 Vienna
Performances: 15, 18, 21, 24, 30 June 2024
AUDITION: Volksoper 29 July 2023, 14:00
Interested please email CV and headshot until 28th of July 2023 to:

Call for participating in Far From Home by Alleyne Dance

Alleyne Dance invites you to join us for physical and expressive workshops based on the repertoire of the company’s most recent production, Far From Home, and join us for five performances across the 2023 ImPulsTanz festival. Through this production, we are investigating the emotions and stresses on migrant families, as well as the impact on local communities in which migrants ‘settle’, as we unpick the meaning of tolerance and practice of integration.   
Please sign up at:
Deadline for signing up is Sunday 23 July, 21:00.

In the workshop, Alleyne Dance will share their signature style of lyrical movement, exploring rhythm, musicality, stamina and intention. Participants will be able to draw on their own stories to reflect on the themes of the production. Sessions will be reflective, immersive, fun and energetic, and will be tailored to your own level and ability.  This opportunity is open for anyone over the age of 8 years old who wants to move, have fun and is interested in performing, regardless of your ability! (Under 8s can be discussed with the Company.)  

Please note, participation in the performances is compulsory in attending the workshop. You will need to commit yourself to the rehearsal schedule with the end goal of performing with Alleyne Dance in Far From Home. Rehearsal and performance schedule is below, please do let us know if there are any dates/ times you are not available, as this can be discussed with the company:

Relevant dates and times 
Wednesday, 26 July, 16:00–20:00
Thursday, 27 July, 16:00–20:00
Friday, 28 July, 16:00–20:00
Saturday, 29 July, 13:30–20:00

Performances (Participants will need to be available throughout the day): 
Sunday, 30 July, 21:00
Monday, 31 July, 19:00
Tuesday, 1 August, 21:00 
Wednesday, 2 August, 17:00 & 21:00

Audition for Radical Empathy

4 August, 11:00–17:00
Volksoper Probebühne
Studios VOP 2
Severingasse 7, 1090 Wien
U6: Volksoper; Tram: 37, 38, 40, 41, 42, 5: Spitalgasse

Radical Empathy & Tomas Danielis are calling for audition for performers and dancers with minimum of 4 years of professional experience on stage, strong stage presence and outstanding physical/technical skills for the upcoming project Critical Point. The project will take place in Nova Cvernovka, Bratislava, with subsequent tour in Slovakia and international performing in 2024.

Critical Point is a project focused on architecture of choices from the new series of artworks dealing with various aspects of empathy and structures of human behavior. It relates to current artworks of Tomas Danielis & Radical Empathy centered around sociology of public space, observance and interaction.

Please send your CV and 2 minutes trailer which you feel represents you as a person and artist till 1 August, 15:00 (CET) via e-mail:
This is a workshop style audition.

Project starts: 18 September 2023
Project ends: 12 November 2023

Conditions: artists fee, accommodation in Slovakia during working period and return travel to the point of departure. We are especially looking for performers from following regions: Vysegrad 4, Austria, Germany, Belgium and welcoming all EU based applicants. We are not able to work with artists outside of EU due to production constraints.

More information:

Audition for vanholzers

15 July, 11:00–15:00
Volksoper Probebühne
Studios VOP 1+2
Severingasse 7, 1090 Wien
U6: Volksoper; Tram: 37, 38, 40, 41, 42, 5: Spitalgasse

vanholzers are looking for outstanding movers and choreographers with strong partnering technique and exceptional presence on stage. Couples and duos are welcome to apply together.

vanholzers are looking for artists to join their upcoming project. vanholzers is an award winning interdisciplinary performing arts company founded in 2021 that produces high-quality artistic projects. The purpose of this project is to be in constant dialogue with other creative disciplines and to push the limits of what dance is capable of. The current work is part of a series of 3 short pieces dealing with architecture, baroque dance from the 18th century and flamenco. At the moment, they are in a pilot period in Spain and will premiere the trilogy in Austria in 2024. Due to the highly demanding nature of this performance, we are paying according to the fair pay proposal of the IG Kultur.

Those selected from this stage will be invited to a second stage audition on the same day. A comprehensive time schedule will be provided in the invitation email if selected.
A commitment is made by the chosen artists to be available for the Pilot Period 14-21 August 2023 in Spain as well as the Premiere in Austria in 2024.
To apply, visit:
Contact details:
For further information about the project please visit

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