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Ariel Douglas is a movement artist(e) specializing in dance and fitness. Her dance education started in 2005 when she took her first Caribbean folk dance class with Diego Martin Footprints Folk Performers. Since then, Ariel has gained a wealth of knowledge of the ethnic culture of the Caribbean through dance, theater and music for 10 years, enlightening her love for the arts. Her passion for movement specifically, led her to pursue more training opportunities to achieve mastery in dance by completing her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Performing Arts specializing in dance (Magna Cum Laude) at the University of Trinidad and Tobago in 2019. During the programme she further developed her movement skills learning ballet, modern dance, contemporary dance and body conditioning. Ariel then went on to pursue and obtain her Masters of Arts in Dance (Studio and Related Studies) at Florida State University in 2021. Ariel continues to seek ways to share her passion for movement as a dance instructor, performer, choreographer and fitness coach. She is the founder of Transfigure Studios, a fitness workroom designed to aid persons with maximizing their physical potential. Apart from being an entrepreneur, Ariel also teaches Caribbean folk dance, Afro-Caribbean fusion, ballet, contemporary and modern dance at varying companies in Trinidad. As a performer, she continues to develop her movement technique and gain performance opportunities as a company member of Astor Johnson Repertory Dance Theatre and Trinity Dance Company. Recently certified as a personal trainer under the American Council on Exercise (ACE), Ariel combines her knowledge of basic human anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and movement training techniques with her 18-year dance experience to design dance-specific exercise programmes to aid in skill development through strength and flexibility training. As an educator and trainer, Ariel understands the importance of creating safe spaces for her students to physically express themselves considering the vast effort it takes to be vulnerable. So, properly guiding and encouraging her students as they learn and share allows for a fun time to be had while developing efficiency in their movement skills.


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