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Fabiana Pastorini was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina). She received first lessons in dance at the age of nine, attended the National Dance School parallel to her high school years and obtained a Bachelor degree in Pedagogy. She specialised on Modern dance, learning the two most important techniques – Graham and Horton – 1988 in New York. In Germany she met Ismael Ivo for the first time in 1991, which resulted in a collaboration for several years.
Since 1992 Fabiana resides in Vienna. She teaches and choreographs at the Ballet School of the State Opera of Vienna, the Conservatory Private University of Vienna, the Ballettseminar Wolfsegg, Tanz für Europa and in various European cities.
Since 2014 she is a regular teacher at the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna.

Dance for Health
Fabiana's long-standing experience in dance, her studies of Kinesiology and Holistic Breathing Technique lead to the development of her own technique – Dance for Health. This unprecedented system has the goal to help people become more aware of themselves. Dance for Health is energetic work combining elements of dance and body work. Various techniques from meditation, breathing techniques, dance, Touch for Health and many more are used to stimulate energy and help getting in touch with our inherent strengths and potentials.

Dance – Nature – Culture
Fabiana's growing interest in the healing methods of the Quetchuas Aymaras (descendants of the Inkas) in her home country, led to regular visits in North Argentina, where she could deepen her connection to her roots. The inseparable connection of this culture with her surrounding brought her to invite more and more people to dance at pristine places, in the midst of nature. This led to a new series of week seminars, not just in Argentina but also in Hawaii and India bringing participants to a natural stage setting, such as beaches, mountains, deserts and rivers facilitating the strengthening of the connection to this source.


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